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We connect powerful films with passionate people and organizations who can use them as tools to change the world.

This is the film we didn’t know we needed.
— Vice President of a 30-year-old organization with 3 million members

We serve stories that…

  1. Respect the dignity of the film’s participants

    Stories by filmmakers that value the “nothing about us without us” approach—that no policy/strategy should be decided without the direct participation of members of the group(s) affected, particularly groups often thought to be marginalized from political, social, and economic opportunities.

  2. Go beyond empathy

    Are created from a place of sincerity, and humility, rather than pity, and hope to create solidarity amongst communities, audiences, and film stakeholders.

  3. Want to highlight solutions

    Projects that don’t just want to focus on a problem, but that also hope to present impactful solutions, either through the storytelling itself (i.e. intend for audiences to feel hope, inspiration, beauty, excitement, introspection, delight, and/or joy), or through folding solutions into their impact campaign.

We wanted to create a film that would make the kids [in the film] proud.
— Aaron Kopp, Co-Director of the animated documentary LIYANA

impact production Services

We believe that documentaries don't change the world, people do. So we are dedicated to helping films that have a social impact goal reach the organizations and audiences who can best use them as tools to change the world.


Designing Impact Campaign Strategies


Building Partnerships


Engaging Target Audiences

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Manage impact initiatives & events


Manage Community Screenings


One-on-one Consultations

We are walking away with more than a bag of tricks.
We now own a blueprint that will give us clear direction with every project.
— Roxana Barbara, Producer of Xenú after a custom strategic plan

If you are a filmmaker or distributor who wants to learn more about our impact production services, then contact us.


“gate opener” Services

In an industry full of “gatekeepers”—those who create barriers to entry that can be ambiguous and arbitrary—we want to be a “gate opener,” by intentionally creating spaces for interactive learning and open and honest conversations on funding, personal financial sustainability, self-distribution, and innovations that create opportunities for independent filmmakers, bold new storytelling perspectives, and innovations in film entrepreneurship. What many gatekeepers call disruptive we call innovative.


Impact production and sustainability workshops.


Resources to help filmmakers freelance for freedom, not for free!

Spoken & Taught Workshops for

Your advice during the session was incredibly valuable, and I believe it helped me to secure an agreement to film at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
— MFA Film candidate, who followed up after trying out tips we shared during a panel

If you are an organization that supports the education and training of filmmakers and you want to learn more about our workshops then contact us.




Looky Looky Pictures wouldn’t be what it is today without the work of a professional team that specialize in each aspect of impact production—from building strategic partners, to graphic design, to audience engagement.

100% Remote

Powerful stories know no boundaries! So we proudly and intentionally serve filmmakers, organizations, and audiences around the world—in both traditional markets—like New York and L.A.—but also in well beyond—like Mexico City, Boston, Swaziland, Austin, Vancouver, and beyond. We’re a 100% remote and flexible team based throughout the United States (including Miami, L.A., and Boston) with colleagues around the world (London, South Africa, and beyond).

HELLO! I'm happy you're here. -Ani Mercedes, FOUNDER & Impact producer

Photo credit: Aymée Cruzalegu    Need an official bio or headshot?     Click here.

Photo credit: Aymée Cruzalegu

Need an official bio or headshot?

Click here.

One of my greatest joys is when an organization that's been working on an issue for over three decades says, "This is the film we didn't know we needed." I believe that with great powerful stories comes great responsibility and see it as my mission to bring stories to the people who can best use them as tools to change the world. This is why I do this work. 

  • Sundance Institute Short Film Intensive Miami Fellow, 2018. (When the muse visits, I create.)

  • Firelight Media Impact Producer Fellow, 2017.

  • Kartemquin intern. Research (The Homestretch), Transcription (Life Itself). 2012.

Note: If you applied to any of these (or anything else), but were declined (that time), keep going! My “break” in the film industry took twelve years of heartbreaking rejections from “dream” organizations/programs and now they hire me to speak! (It floors me. Unbelievable.) Realize (sooner than I did) that you don’t need anyone’s permission to validate your voice. Trust your work and shine on. ✨