Photo credit: Aymée Cruzalegui

Photo credit: Aymée Cruzalegui


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Your work will be so nice, they'll have to look twice -- first they'll see your film, then they'll see its impact. 

Ani Mercedes, IMPACT PRODUCER & filmmaker

Let me tell you a story: I first televised the revolution at age 13, when I lugged a VHS camera through my middle school interviewing everyone from classmates to the school principal with simple questions like "How many states are in the U.S.?" and "What's 30 percent of 100?" I wanted to start a conversation about the quality of my education. To my affirmation, some students and school leaders answered incorrectly. Unfortunately, my director's cut was censored by the teacher (because he didn't want to show that his boss -- the school principal -- didn't know how many states are in the U.S.).

I now continue to produce stories that create impactful and prudent conversations about how the public decisions we make collectively, shape our individual lives. 

Background: I began my film career as as an intern at the documentary powerhouse Kartemquin Films (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters), was an elementary school teacher (Teach for America), and served as a White House intern (President Obama). I hold a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and an M.P.A. from Syracuse University. 

Currently: Impact Producer & Production Manager for Unaccompanied Children (working title) by Director Alexandra Codina, Impact producing for Councilwoman (working title) by Director Margo Guernsey, Managing redistribution for Monica & David by Director Alexandra Codina, a Firelight Media Impact Producer Fellow. Loving every minute of it. 


Current Projects

In Production

In Production

Unaccompanied Children (working title)

Impact Production & Production Manager 

In Production

In Production

COUNCILWOMAN (working title)

Impact Production




Impact Redistribution Strategy & Management


In Production

In Production

Field of Vision & Firelight Media "100 Days” Series

Impact Production Consulting



Miami (2017) with Unaccompanied Children (working title)

Miami (2017) with Unaccompanied Children (working title)

Impact Producer Fellow (2017)

Impact Producer Fellow (2017)

Designed and taught "Money for Creatives" workshop (2016)

Designed and taught "Money for Creatives" workshop (2016)

2012 Intern, Research (The Homestretch), Transcription (Life Itself)

2012 Intern, Research (The Homestretch), Transcription (Life Itself)


Let's connect

I only take on a few projects at once so I can be deeply dive into your film's impact.

Let's connect about your wildest impact dreams for your film -- request a 30 minute intro call. 

power Hour Strategy session

  • Why? Making a film is hard enough. I can help you zoom out, reflect, and start putting your film's impact strategy into perspective in a one hour discussion where you'll come away seeing your impact goals more clearly and with concrete resources to help you. 
  • Before Send a written synopsis, sample (10 minutes or less) and/or trailer of your film, and any questions/thoughts you may have. 
  • During We'll discuss your hopes, dreams, and challenges for your film's impact. I'll guide you through questions to help clarify your vision and strategize an initial strategy. 
  • After I'll send you next steps and any helpful resources and templates we discuss. 

I can help you with...

Design IMPACT strategy & objectives 

  • Clearly defining the central message of the impact the film will have on audiences and plan the steps to get there.
  • Identifying the current needs of the movement/issue
  • Assessing what role the film can play in supporting the movement/issue
  • Plotting out an appropriate timeline

Partnership management

  • Identify and research ideal partnerships with organizations, brands, and influencers 
  • As the campaign builds track and manage relationships as more and more partners get on board, including but not limited to funders, advocates, VIPs, etc.

Audience & Community Management

  • Online community management (inc social media, web campaigns, email etc)
  • Building a community for your film's impact
  • Education and outreach 

Evaluation & assessment

  • Capture and evaluate the film's impact
  • Important for fundraising and building more partnerships

Budgeting for Sustainability

  • Iterating your impact campaign into a budget and managing cashflow
  • Incorporate distribution strategy in parallel to impact strategy 



Free Good Pitch Impact Guide

Wonderful free interactive resource to help social documentary filmmakers create an impact plan for your films.

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Documentary Foundation's online course

Wonderful course that outlines self-distribution strategies for independent filmmakers. 


Thriving filmmaker: build a sustainable independent documentary film career


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  • Do you make your own films?

Yes, I have directed, produced, shot, and edited two short documentaries -- you can see them (and my other artwork) here

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