Looky Looky Pictures helps bring powerful documentary films to passionate people and organizations who can use them as tools to change the world.

This is the film we didn’t know we needed.
— Vice President of a 30-year-old organization with 3 million members


We believe that documentaries don't change the world, people do. So we're dedicated to helping social-impact films reach the organizations and audiences who can best use them as a tool to change the world.

We're particularly passionate about stories that highlight solutions (rather than only problems), and about stories that 'study up' -- rather than ask why some people are impoverished and powerless, they ask why are some people so affluent and powerful.


Looky Looky Pictures wouldn’t be what it is today without the work of a dedicated and professional team! We’re a 100% remote and flexible team based throughout the United States and we collaborate with filmmakers, partners, and organizations around the world. 

HELLO! I'm happy you're here -Ani Mercedes, FOUNDER & Impact producer

  Photo: Aymée Cruzalegu

Photo: Aymée Cruzalegu

As I like to say, no one cries over a policy paper (and I used to work on them!)

I started Looky Looky Pictures to help make people cry. laugh, be curious, feel inspired, and most importantly, do something about it.

I believe that with great powerful stories comes great responsibility and see it as my mission to bring stories to the people who can best use them as tools to change the world.

There's no greater feeling...to me than when a an organization that's been working on an issue for over three decades says, "This is the film we didn't know we needed." This is why I do this work. 

I began my career...as a Kartemquin Films intern, studying hours of raw footage from award-winning filmmaker Steve James (Hoop Dreams, The Interrupters), via transcription, doing research for The Homestretch, and falling in love with the process of archiving 50-year-old footage.

Prior to filmmaking, I served as a community organizer on both of President Obama's presidential campaigns, a White House intern (President Obama), and an elementary school teacher (Teach for America). I earned a Bachelors in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Public Administration from Syracuse University (where I fell in love with statistics and later did data analysis for policy papers).

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 Impact Producer Fellow (2017)

Impact Producer Fellow (2017)

 2012 Intern, Research ( The Homestretch ), Transcription ( Life Itself)

2012 Intern, Research (The Homestretch), Transcription (Life Itself)

 Miami (2017) with  Unaccompanied Children (working title).  Taught Thriving Filmmaker workshop.

Miami (2017) with Unaccompanied Children (working title). Taught Thriving Filmmaker workshop.

 Designed and taught "Money for Creatives" workshop (2016)

Designed and taught "Money for Creatives" workshop (2016)


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"I will decide how my story ends."

- The young children in this riveting hybrid animated documentary



"At the end of the day, I’m an organizer, uniting people to stand up for what they deserve.”

Councilwoman Carmen Castillo, a hotel housekeeper who run and won a City Council seat in Providence, RI.

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Building the American Dream

Texas has the highest rate of construction worker deaths in the U.S. Explore intimate stories from the front lines of the construction industry.


 UNACCOMPANIED CHILDREN  (working title)   Impact research & partnership management


Impact research & partnership management

 MONICA AND DAVID  Impact Redistribution Strategy & Management


Impact Redistribution Strategy & Management

 Field of Vision & Firelight Media "100 Days” Series  Impact Production Consulting

Field of Vision & Firelight Media "100 Days” Series

Impact Production Consulting

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We are walking away with more than a bag of tricks. We now own a blueprint that will give us clear direction with every project.

Ani energized us and gave us a blueprint to flesh out, expand on and recycle into in all of our future projects.   
— Roxana, Producer

We help filmmakers...


Build and Maintain partnerships

  • Identifying partners, festivals, distributors who will love your film
  • Build relationships with the people and organizations who can use your work as a tool to strengthen their work
  • Set up a relationship tracking database that will save you time and stress

reach your core Audience

  • Identify an audience base that's excited about your film
  • Online community management (i.e. social media, newsletters, etc.)
  • Build a community screening strategy and collateral materials (screenings kits, DVDs, discussion guides, host management, etc.)
Option 1 BasicStrategic Impact Plan.png

Design a clear IMPACT distribution strategy

  • Create a document that you can use for fundraising
  • Clearly define the central impact messages, objectives, and activities for your film 
  • Plotting out an appropriate timeline

Budget for Sustainability

  • Iterating your impact campaign into a budget 
  • Incorporate distribution strategy in parallel with impact strategy
  • Creating a treatment and pitch deck for fundraising
Looky Looky Pictures’ services will not only take your film further. They will help you take the distribution of your present film and future ones to a whole other level.
— Claudio, Director

Speaking, Workshops, & Panels

Your advice during the session was incredibly valuable, and I believe it helped me to secure an agreement to film at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
— University film student

Previously Spoken & Taught At

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Resources for Impact & Sustainability

Impact Resources

"Can documentaries really “change the world”? No. Documentaries can challenge, investigate, reveal, inspire — but can’t change the world — only people can. A documentary does not absolve the personal responsibility of taking action. People change the world. (Paraphrasing Simon Kilmurry, Executive Director, Independent Documentary Association)"

5-Minute read by me (for Firelight Media), inspired by a Simon Kilmurry quote.


"The empathy frame also distracts us from more strategic uses of film: to validate and empower those who rarely see their experience on screen, to convene disconnected people and movements, and to build alliances and power."

5-Minute read by Sonya Childress, Director of Partnerships & Engagement at Firelight Media. 


Good Pitch Impact Guide

Free interactive resource to help social documentary filmmakers create an impact plan.


Sustainability Resources


Film & personal finance

Online resource to help filmmakers build a financially sustainable career in independent documentary film.

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Documentary Foundation's online course on self-distribution strategies for independent filmmakers. 



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