Design IMPACT strategy & objectives 

  • Clearly defining the central message of the impact the film will have on audiences and plan the steps to get there.
  • Identifying the current needs of the movement/issue
  • Assessing what role the film can play in supporting the movement/issue
  • Plotting out an appropriate timeline

Partnership management

  • Identify and research ideal partnerships with organizations, brands, and influencers 
  • As the campaign builds track and manage relationships as more and more partners get on board, including but not limited to funders, advocates, VIPs, etc.

Audience & Community Management

  • Online community management (inc social media, web campaigns, email etc)
  • Building a community for your film's impact
  • Education and outreach 

Evaluation & assessment

  • Capture and evaluate the film's impact
  • Important for fundraising and building more partnerships

Budgeting for Sustainability

  • Iterating your impact campaign into a budget and managing cashflow
  • Incorporate distribution strategy in parallel to impact strategy

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