Consultation session with the Producer and Director of the short film, Xenú.

Consultation session with the Producer and Director of the short film, Xenú.


You pour years into lovingly crafting a film you hope will make a difference and reach people who love it as much as you do. Impact production is what can help do that.  

Getting advice and support can be very helpful as you embark on your impact production journey, begin strategizing, start fundraising, and roll out your impact campaign.

Looky Looky Pictures is an impact production company that offers two consultation packages with customized one-on-one support: Impact-in-a-Box and Clarity Conversations.

What is impact production?


Impact is often confused with outreach. Impact production is the process of intentionally and strategically getting your film in the hands of audiences and organizations who could best use it as a tool to strengthen their work. 


Traditional outreach is about getting as many people as possible to see your film, impact is about getting the right people to see it.


When is the best time to start impact production?

It’s never too early to start thinking and planning your impact strategy because it can help you with fundraising and with building an audience for your film before it premieres.

For actually kicking off and implementing your campaign, the sweet spot is once you have an early rough cut/late assembly or if you have a firm story that won’t change. If you’re still waiting for a critical event in your story, then it’s too early (i.e. the outcome of a trial, a life altering medical tests, etc.). Depending on your story and goals, you can start earlier (even in development) or later (like after a festival run and before it goes online), but, on average, being in post-production, with an early rough cut is a sweet spot. 

Why Looky Looky Pictures?


We believe that films don't change the world, people do. We're dedicated to helping powerful films with the people and organizations who can best use them as tools to change the world. We're particularly passionate about hopeful, inspiring, and unique stories that highlight solutions (rather than only problems). Here’s our guest post for Firelight Media that best explains our philosophy: Documentaries Don’t Change the World.

Packages: We offer 2 consulting packages, each provide you with strategic advice that’s specific to your film, and actionable insights like helpful tools, resources, and templates.

  1. Impact-in-a-Box: A clear, simple, and customized strategic plan to help you reach your target audience, build partnerships, and outline your impact distribution options. Plus best practice tools, resources, and templates to help you implement your plan.

  1. Clarity Conversation: Supportive one-on-one 1-hour phone call that provides a safe, non-judgemental space for you to share your hopes, dreams, concerns, and gain clarity.