Table Your Spreadsheets, Produce Your Film’s Impact Distribution Like a Pro

You probably use Google Sheets (or some spreadsheet) to keep track of festivals you’ve applied to, potential impact partners, applications you plan to submit, and everything else you’re trying to keep track of for your film’s impact distribution.

But there’s a better way! It’s the difference between editing by hand — where cutting footage required actual scissors — and editing on a computer — with a simple shortcut.

Meet Airtable! It has the look, feel, and flexibility of a spreadsheet, but is actually a relational database so has the functionality of a CRM (client relationship management system) that most mid to large sized businesses and nonprofits use to track relationships.

Rather than tell you how it works, we’ll show you…

  • Below are opportunities, which (unlike in a spreadsheet) can be linked together with contacts, organizations, and interactions.

  • Everyone on your team can see the status of each opportunity

  • You can even attach files directly into it, even from your phone. #gamechanger!

Is it free? Yes, up to 1,200 records/rows and 2 GB. We use these for every film and have never needed to upgrade.

If no image appears below, click here.

Want to try the template above for your film?

  1. Click here to sign up for Airtable. (This gives us a $10 credit. You get a $10 credit for each person you invite to your link, after you sign up.)

  2. Click here to see, copy, and customize the template. (It includes the sample data above.)

Share it with a film friend who’s feeling overwhelmed by impact distribution.

Pro tip: Download the phone app here and play with attaching photos to the “Interactions” tab.

Let us know what you think in the comments! (We have a more robust version of this but wanted to share something more streamlined so you can make it your own.)