Year In Review: 2018

This year I...

  • Implemented or consulted on impact production for 36 Films

  • Taught 11 workshops (or case studies) to 440 participants in 5 countries (Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the U.S., and the Netherlands) plus 1 online 

  • Hosted 4 episodes of the Thriving Filmmaker Show to 312 participants from 20+ countries (including the U.S., South Africa, Mexico, Spain, India, the Philippines, the UK, Hungry, France, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Kenya, Jordan, Brazil, Pakistan, Serbia, Denmark, and others).

  • Loved every minute of it! #pursueitwell

I am filled with gratitude to the Thriving Filmmaker community (now nearly 500 strong), each filmmakers who's graciously shared their work with me--thank you for allowing me to be in community with you during the vulnerable creation process, and every organization I've had the heart-thumping joy of collaborating with--thank you for trusting me and my work to strengthen your mission, and the individuals and organizations I've engaged with--thank you for taking the time to watch and engage with the powerful stories we've brought you and seeing how they can help change hearts, minds, and structures in our shared pursuit of creating a more just world.