Pursue your passion and pursue it well.

Each day for the past year I've written down a short reflection or memory in my 5 year memory book.

My first entry was on the first day of 2018, and it reads: 

"Pursue your passion and pursue it well."  
-Brooke Shaden (one of my favorite photographers)


Pursue your passion is a common statement.
But it's the second part--pursue it well--that's often overlooked. 

Ask yourself: Are you pursing your passion well? What does that mean to you?

I believe, it's not enough to just 'want make a feature doc' or 'make a film and then just see what happens.' To thrive, you must focus on the journey and not just the destination, the act of creation and not just the finished product, the reactions during screenings not just the reviews and awards. 

Ask yourself: Where do you find joy in the pursuit of your passion?

Ava DuVernay says it best when reflecting on creating Selma:

Posted July 2018 "July 2, 2014. [4 years ago.] On this day. Four years ago. We had no clue how it would be perceived. If folks would like it. We just loved it every day and tried our VERY best in EVERY single moment. That's all you can do with whatever you've set your mind to. Love it. Be in love with it. And then give it your best. That's the makings of a good life. The rest is what it is. Because nothing will ever be as good as the experience of making it, if you make that experience golden. So, just focus and enjoy. Nothing better. xo"

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.24.38 AM.png

Ask yourself: How do you celebrate and document pursuing your passion well?

In addition to my 5 year memory book, I have a "Magical Things" tag in my email where I file away messages that have brought me joy. (Much of my work as an Impact Producer is about building relationships, so an email folder makes sense for my passion. Do what makes sense for you.)

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I wish for you to find joy in pursing your passion well, and to celebrate that pursuit in and of itself.

Share two things with us:
1) What does pursing your passion mean to you?
2) How do you celebrate and document pursing your passion well?