Dear Filmmakers, Trust your work.

Still: Las flores de la Noche

Still: Las flores de la Noche

Trust your work.

I helped teach a workshop to filmmakers in Mexico City this week and one filmmaker said something that I'll never forget...

"Daríamos la vida por contar esta historia."
// "We would give our life to tell this story."

Wow. This was heavy, and so was his work. His film, Flores de la Noche // Flowers of the Night, is about trans youth finding freedom and friendship, and quite literally, fighting for their lives to just exist. 

It is a heavy and virtuous task to create from a place of deep emotional truth. 

Not all stories are this high risk and personal. But I believe that the greatest storytelling comes from a deep place of emotional truth.

Getting to that place takes surrender, trust, and vulnerability.

Making art is about surrendering, distribution and sustainability are about control. 

Do what causes a revolution in your heart, and you will work out the rest. We’re here to help you with the impact production and sustainability part.

I just wanted to remind filmmakers that it's okay to surrender, be vulnerable in your storytelling, and trust your work.