In Barranquilla, Colombia for Good Pitch lab!

I had dinner on a beach in Barranquilla today with a group of amazing documentary filmmakers.

I'm here for Good Pitch Miami's impact lab with the film Unaccompanied Children (working title).

Good Pitch is incredible! Their support, their mission, and their team of film-support-superheroes! 

I also met absolutely awe-inspiring filmmakers whose work, courage, and vision I admire.

If you love documentary film that change the world then Check out these 8 incredible films going to Good Pitch Miami 2017.

Before coming here I read and drooled over the 100+ page Impact Field Guide cover to cover. It is pure impact distribution producing gold. 

If you're an independent filmmaker who wants to make a big impact with your work, then Check out the Impact Field Guide here.  

And, the cherry on top (like it couldn't get any better!) is that this is the first Good Pitch in my hometown, Miami, Florida! It's been a great year for independent filmmaking in Miami! I'm elated to be representing my film community at this time!

If you're an independent filmmaker in Miami, Florida then definitely sign-up to Filmgate Miami's newsletter -- they're a wonderful film family that will guide you in with open arms, and where I got my start when I moved back to Miami -- and check out the Miami Filmmakers Collective's events.