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Impact Resources

"Can documentaries really “change the world”? No. Documentaries can challenge, investigate, reveal, inspire — but can’t change the world — only people can. A documentary does not absolve the personal responsibility of taking action. People change the world. (Paraphrasing Simon Kilmurry, Executive Director, Independent Documentary Association)"

5-Minute read by me (for Firelight Media), inspired by a Simon Kilmurry quote.


"The empathy frame also distracts us from more strategic uses of film: to validate and empower those who rarely see their experience on screen, to convene disconnected people and movements, and to build alliances and power."

5-Minute read by Sonya Childress, Director of Partnerships & Engagement at Firelight Media. 


Good Pitch Impact Guide

Free interactive resource to help social documentary filmmakers create an impact plan.


Sustainability Resources


personal finance

Online resource to help filmmakers build a financially sustainable career in independent documentary film.

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Documentary Foundation's online course on self-distribution strategies for independent filmmakers.